Sketches from Hidden Places: A monthly fantastical art subscription

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Notes and artefacts from a perilous journey.

Join pen and ink artist Sam Gillett as he crafts a fantastical world, month by month.

Beginning at a tranquil seaside cottage, our hero will journey through storms and jungles, deserts and bustling cities.

As a benefactor, you’ll receive illustrations from the voyage each month.

The First Six Months

For the next six months, our traveller will send you a postcard with a archival quality 5x7 print of a handcrafted pen illustration, accompanied by writing, musings and notes from these hidden (and not so hidden) places.

These drawings are inspired by medieval and norse design just as much as they draw from fantastical worlds completely unlike our own.

As a benefactor, you will not only receive monthly drawings (with bits and bobs included along the way) for each month subscribed, but you’ll also have the chance to suggest new places for our traveller to visit.

While perfect for the discerning fantasy art lover, a notes from hidden places package works well as a gift (It’s also an affordable and unique way to collect original artwork).

Each month’s illustration is a secret, but for a glimpse into the style and vision of this series, check out Sam Gillett’s work on Instagram.

This adventure has just begun, and will unspool across unnamed lands like fine thread.

At the end of the first six months, all subscribers will be entered to win one of the six original illustrations featured in the premiere series.

Exclusivity and schedule:

The first dispatch will arrive on or around Oct. 1.

Subsequent illustrations will be mailed on the fourth of the month for 5 following months.

Each 5 x 7 illustration will be signed, numbered and exclusively available to benefactors.

After 6 months, illustrations will be available as unnumbered, signed 8.5 x 11 prints on Sam Gillett’s Etsy shop.


Illustrations will be shipped via letter mail from Ontario Canada. The cost of shipping is included in the cost of your subscription. Like all letters sent from far away lands, it will most certainly take longer to arrive than you’d like — my apologies in advance.

The reason for setting sail:

I’m a pen and ink artist from Ontario, Canada.

Throughout my years drawing, I’ve sought a sustainable way to draw imaginary worlds. These are worlds inspired by the rivers and seas, old forests and new blooms around me. Worlds with magic coursing through them, inspired by fantastical worlds we’ve grown to love.

Notes from Hidden Places is a year in the making; it’s a project which I hope will allow me to delve deep into a consistent world that will be created along the way. It’s a culmination of my artistic process as I seek to explore new ways of drawing and creating.

My hope is to build a community of art-lovers who are inspired by my work, and in turn inspire my work, and guide the journey.

Welcome aboard. It’s soon time to set sail.

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A Postcard from Hidden Places

signed 5x7 fine art print
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Sketches from Hidden Places: A monthly fantastical art subscription

1 rating